The risk management system of NDC has been developed within the framework of international risk management standards. In this regard, all internal and external risks to be exposed in relation to NDC’s activity are identified, analyzed, assessed, and periodically reported to the governing body in accordance with the NDC’s Risk Management Policy and Procedure which have been developed in compliance with international standards. In addition, corrective measures are taken against the risks identified by the structural units of the NDC, and the risk factors are continuously monitored.

The risk manager is responsible for NDC’s overall risk management process, including risk assessment and control. During the risk assessment, the risk manager closely examines the work of all other structural units, determines the risk indicators, and prepares the risk matrix in accordance with the assessment results.

NDC's internal control system is evaluated by an internal audit at a specified time each year and the results are demonstrated in the internal audit reports. The necessary preventive measures are taken when weaknesses of internal control are revealed.

NDC is building risk awareness amongst its staff by providing support and training within the organization. In addition, NDC staff is provided with practical examples of potential risks in order to be informed about existing risks and security measures.